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Hedging and diversifying forms a core component of those that want to invest in real estate which delivers income growth as well as an asset that protects itself against inflation in first world economies. Through my partnership with real estate professionals, we can provide turnkey tailored property solutions, which encompass sourcing of thoroughly researched opportunities through to letting, management of the property as well as the selling of the property or if the client so wish, to hold on for the longer term investor.

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In association with IP Global

IP Global works with individual clients and helps them to build global property portfolios.  


Summary of IP Global

IP Global is a full-service property investment company that helps investors add the strength of global real estate to their portfolios. A unique end-to-end approach is at the heart of what we offer, delivered by an experienced team of international real estate and investment professionals who are experts in untangling the complexities and complications of property investment. Our end goal is for investors and international landlords to be able to purchase, manage and capitalise on global property opportunities just as easily as they would any other recognised investment asset.


 Our end-to-end service

Our end-to-end service consists of:



Appointing Solicitors and Facilitating the Conveyancing Process



Lettings and Management



Core IP Global Markets

Current – UK (London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester), Australia (Melbourne and Brisbane), US (Chicago), Germany (Berlin) and Japan (Tokyo)


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Alpha Abacus Yachts

Alpha Abacus is an investment company that operates in the global yachting industry. The focus of Alpha Abacus is maximising value for shareholders by utilizing yachts as assets with a strong revenue stream through charters.

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